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Google Analytics 4 Adds New Dimensions

Google Analytics 4 introduced eight new dimensions for tracking and analysing both paid and organic traffic sources:

Manual source: This dimension allows you to track and analyse the specific source of your traffic. It can be used to identify the website or platform from where users are originating.

Manual medium: This dimension helps you understand the medium through which your traffic is coming. It could be organic search, referral, social media, email, etc. This information can help you evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing channels.

Manual source / medium: This dimension combines both the source and medium to provide a more detailed understanding of your traffic sources. It allows you to analyse the relationship between the source and medium to identify patterns and trends.

Manual campaign name: This dimension helps you track the performance of specific marketing campaigns. By assigning a unique campaign name to your marketing efforts, you can easily measure the impact of each campaign on your website traffic.

Manual campaign ID: Similar to the campaign name, this dimension allows you to track campaigns based on unique IDs. It provides a more granular level of tracking and analysis for your marketing campaigns.

Manual term: This dimension is primarily used for tracking paid search campaigns. It captures the specific keyword or search term that users have used to reach your website. It helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns and optimise them accordingly.

Manual content: This dimension allows you to track and analyse different variations of your marketing content. For example, you can use it to differentiate between different ad creatives or landing page variations. It helps you understand which variations are performing better and optimise your content accordingly.

Manual source platform: This dimension provides information about the platform or device from which your traffic is coming. It helps you analyse the performance of different platforms such as desktop, mobile, or tablet and optimise your website accordingly.

By utilising these dimensions in Google Analytics 4, you can gain valuable insights into your paid and organic traffic sources, measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to improve your online presence.

These new insights enhance your capacity to analyse user behavior and performance across channels, offering improved capabilities in reporting, explorations, segments, and audience analysis. This enables better optimisation of your content strategy.