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Googlebot Crawl Rate Tool Going

Time for Sleep Dear Bot Tool

The Googlebot Crawl Rate Tool in Search Console is set to retire. This tool, which enables website owners to regulate the speed at which Googlebot crawls their websites, will no longer be available. The decision to retire the tool was announced by Google on August 17th, 2021.

For those unfamiliar, Googlebot is a vital component of Google’s search engine, responsible for crawling and indexing web pages. The Crawl Rate Tool offered webmasters the ability to adjust the speed at which Googlebot would crawl their sites. This feature was particularly useful for sites with limited server resources as it allowed them to manage the crawl rate and prevent potential server overload.

No Longer Efficient

However, Google’s latest announcement states that the Crawl Rate Tool is being phased out. The reason behind this decision is that Googlebot now utilises a more efficient method for crawling websites. It no longer relies on webmasters to set the crawl rate as it dynamically adjusts based on various factors like server responses, page load speed, and crawl demand.

Google clarifies that the deprecation of the Crawl Rate Tool will have no impact on how Googlebot crawls websites. Website owners need not worry about any negative consequences or changes in indexing or ranking due to the removal of this tool.

Google recommends that webmasters focus on optimising their website’s crawlability by ensuring that their servers can handle increased crawl demand. They should also concentrate on enhancing the overall performance of their site, such as reducing page load times and ensuring server responses are prompt. These practices will assist Googlebot in efficiently crawling and indexing their web pages.

The Googlebot Crawl Rate Tool in Search Console is being discontinued.

Although this might bring about a few changes in how website owners manage crawl rates, Google assures them that their sites will continue to be crawled effectively. Webmasters should instead concentrate on optimising their websites’ crawlability and performance to ensure a smooth crawling experience.