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Enterprise SEO Challenges

Juggling multiple large-scale SEO projects comes with its fair share of challenges. Learn how you can turn them into growth opportunities.

Faced with the intricacies of managing multiple comprehensive SEO initiatives, one is met with numerous challenges. Delve into transforming these barriers into prospects for progress.

Navigating the world of search engine optimisation in a corporate setting, with websites containing tens of thousands of pages, can be compared to journeying through an ever-changing labyrinth made up of both product and content webpages.

The yearly occurrence of nine confirmed Google algorithm updates poses significant challenges for even the most reputable digital agencies, affecting both their ability to deliver satisfactory results for clients and their potential for expansion and adaptability.

Managing SEO for expansive ecommerce and media websites with thousands of dynamic pages is undoubtedly a herculean task, fraught with unforeseen setbacks due to algorithm updates that have led to drops in rankings, and compounded by the onerous and time-intensive monthly reporting that expends valuable resources.

With the appropriate technical SEO tools and a proactive approach, digital agencies have the ability to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth.

This article delves into the top five obstacles that digital agencies encounter when managing numerous large-scale SEO projects, and offers insight on how they can transform these challenges into opportunities that elevate the client experience and drive agency growth.

Establishing SEO vigilance

With determination, your agency is collaborating with multiple teams to refine an enterprise ecommerce platform. As a result of your diligent endeavors, the client experiences remarkable escalation in organic traffic. However, calamity suddenly ensues. An algorithmic revision or implementation of coding adjustments by the client’s development team obstructs a vast segment of the website, resulting in a dramatic decline in search engine rankings.

In both instances, the responsibility rests upon your agency. Such circumstances are prevalent in the realm of SEO agencies and carry potential for serious ramifications. The client may endure monetary setbacks, while your agency’s prestige stands at risk.

It may require several months to recuperate from these setbacks, and despite regaining lost rankings and traffic, there remains a peril of losing clients due to the adverse effects on their enterprises.

There exists a remedy, as modern technical SEO platforms transform this obstacle into an advantageous chance to prioritise the security of clients’ SEO. With these advanced tools, one can establish immediate notifications, guaranteeing continual vigilance over SEO and promoting optimal health for all clientele.

As an illustration, your team can receive daily notifications when designated benchmarks are exceeded for SEO concerns such as duplicated titles, 4xx/5xx status codes, unindexed pages, page loading time, and Core Web Vitals. Moreover, crucial problems such as declines in rankings will promptly alert you to take necessary measures.

Addressing SEO issues promptly can avert catastrophic consequences and uphold the confidence and contentment of your clients.

Improving resource allocation

Creating monthly reports is vital to keep clients content and up-to-date on the progress being made. However, crafting compelling and visually striking reports for numerous clients poses a difficulty due to resource constraints.

Fortuitously, cutting-edge technology and SEO tools have the ability to optimise the effectiveness of your endeavors with minimal exertion. Through the implementation of a technical SEO platform, routine reporting tasks can be mechanised using pre-established SEO dashboards. This empowers your team to concentrate on more strategic initiatives within the realm of SEO.

By utilising these instruments, you can awe clients with visually captivating diagrams that exhibit the progress in rankings, SEO performance per country, engagement metrics like impressions, clicks, and click-through rates. Additionally, it enables you to optimise resource allocation while focusing your team’s endeavors on activities that elevate the quality of service rendered to clients.

Embracing simplicity

Agencies sometimes worry because their clients might not understand how significant the complex technical SEO methods are and the ways to apply them properly. This problem becomes more noticeable if the clients do not possess a dedicated team for search marketing or previous knowledge about SEO.

In such cases, it is difficult to make people understand why it is important to put money and effort into technical SEO. This is more so for big websites that have many pages and content that changes often. Because of this, companies might only pay attention to simple SEO parts like keywords, articles, and links. They don’t see the advantages they could get from basic technical on-page improvements which can really help with how much unpaid traffic comes in and where the website appears in search results.

Intuitive cloud software makes complex technical SEO easier to manage. These tools, which operate in the cloud, focus on being simple and user-friendly. They come with visual aids and graphical representations of data so that people who are not experts in technology can grasp SEO information fast without getting confused by complicated technical terms.

Furthermore, when dealing with many clients, the usual desktop SEO programs for technical use can face challenges that slow down work because they might limit how many URLs you are allowed to check and review each month. Whereas, if you use a SaaS system in your browser, it lets you handle all your clients’ technical SEO from one place without any limits on domains, crawling or data records. This streamlines workflow for teams and enables more efficient project tracking and optimisation.

When agencies use cloud SEO tools, they make it easier for their team to share the work of SEO and help clients get more involved and understand better. This way, both clients and agency work together, building strategies on shared trust and knowledge.

Merging insights and reporting SEO opportunities persuasively

As an agency, it is very important to show strong reasons for the good results in SEO that we got from our work. This helps us get the client’s agreement and plan what we will do next.

For doing this, it is necessary to collect and put together information from different places like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs and others.

Normally, doing a detailed three-dimensional analysis for SEO took a lot of time and hard work from our team members because they had to do boring tasks with Excel, combining data frequently for every client. This method used up many resources and usually made it difficult to start meaningful SEO projects.

Luckily, the new SEO technology tools have made it unnecessary to do hard work with Excel combining. Now you can mix data from different places like GA and GSC easily. into a single report, providing you with comprehensive SEO insights.

This combined set of data lets you find important SEO chances, like making better the pages that don’t rank for business terms, adding more links between pages on your site, making content longer, speeding up how fast pages load and others. You can arrange these chances by importance to make a list which will help you create an exact plan of what to do next.

Moreover, this function lets you see how much money a customer might not earn because Googlebot is overlooking some pages. This detail makes your case for using the right SEO tactics even stronger.

By promptly saving important graphs that show SEO possibilities for every client, you can make reports based on data in just a few minutes. This makes it easier to regularly give convincing SEO reports to clients, demonstrating how well your strategies work and getting backing for upcoming campaigns from everyone involved.

Scaling for success

Your SEO endeavors not only facilitate the attainment of elevated search engine rankings for your clients but also foster the expansion of their enterprises. Nevertheless, it is imperative to prioritise the development of your agency. Confronting a noteworthy obstacle lies in elevating your conversion rate from prospects to clients.

Shouldn’t we contemplate an alternative strategy: rather than bombarding prospects with extensive explanations during your discovery call, wouldn’t it be more impactful to present tangible SEO value right from the outset of your conversation?

Conducting a “stealth crawl” to discreetly analyse your potential client’s website proves advantageous, as it allows for the identification and compilation of a comprehensive list of crucial on-page technical SEO issues and opportunities, which can subsequently be presented to the client.

During your discovery call, you can reveal a comprehensive catalogue of vital technical enhancements that will amplify their SEO. This showcases your meticulous investigation of their website and underscores your agency’s dedication to delivering substantial benefits. Ultimately, this strategy augments the probability of effectively finalising the agreement.

By employing the suitable technical SEO tool and embracing a proactive and strategic approach, your agency can effectively convert the challenges you encounter into opportunities to elevate the client experience.