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Google Launches New Personal Search Experience

With Follow Button and Personalised Ranking

Google has recently introduced a new personal search experience, incorporating a follow button and personalised ranking. These features aim to enhance users’ ability to discover and engage with content that aligns with their specific interests and preferences. Let’s delve into the details of these latest additions.

The Follow Button: A New Way to Stay Connected

The Follow button is a prominent addition to Google’s search interface. This feature allows users to stay connected with their favorite topics and interests by following specific search results. By simply clicking on the Follow button next to a search result, users can receive updates and recommendations related to that particular topic. This feature ensures that users won’t miss out on the latest information and developments that matter most to them.

Personalised Ranking: Tailored Results for Individual Users

Google’s personalised ranking feature aims to deliver search results that are customised to each user’s unique preferences. By taking into account factors such as search history, location, and past interactions, Google can now present search results that are more relevant and tailored to individual users’ interests. With this feature, users can expect to see content that is aligned with their preferences, enabling a more personalised search experience.

Enhanced Control and Privacy Settings

Understanding the importance of user privacy, Google has designed the new personal search experience to be easily customisable and controllable. Users have the ability to manage their followed topics and have full control over their personalised search settings. Additionally, Google assures users that their privacy is protected, as personalisation is based on user activity within the Google ecosystem and does not involve sharing data with third parties.

Discover More with Topic Filters and Collections

To further enhance the personal search experience, Google has introduced topic filters and collections. These features empower users to explore content that matches their specific interests even more effectively. With topic filters, users can narrow down their search results to focus on a particular aspect or subtopic within their followed topics. Collections, on the other hand, allow users to curate and organise their favorite content in a personalised manner, making it easier to revisit and share later.

Google’s recently launched personal search experience, featuring the Follow button and personalised ranking, brings a new level of customisation and relevance to users’ search results. By giving users the ability to follow specific topics and delivering personalised search results, Google aims to provide a more tailored and engaging search experience. With enhanced control and privacy settings, along with the addition of topic filters and collections, users can enjoy a more refined and efficient search process.